R. E. Seraphin


Bay Area based recording artist

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as R.E. Seraphin:
Tiny Shapes LP (Paisley Shirt Records/Mt.St.Mtn.)
A Room Forever EP (Paisley Shirt Records)

w/ Talkies:
Sojourner EP (Death Records)
Bright / Sunny LP (Burger Records)
Kowtow LP (Electrify Me Records/Yippee Ki Yay)
“Never Fear” b/w “Hollow” 7” (La Ti Da Records)

w/ Mean Jolene:
Try Harder LP (Austin Town Hall)

w/ Glitz:
It’z Glitz LP (Grazer Records/White Zoo Records)

w/ Lenz:
Under the Neon EP (Tic Tac Totally)
Ways to End a Day LP (1234 Go! Records)
“Leaving (the 21st Century” b/w “Feeling” 7” (S-S Records)

w/ Impediments:
Self-Titled LP (Happy Parts Recording)
Broken Hits LP (Happy Parts Recording)
“Amphetamine Stepdad” b/w “Just Got Reamed”


Tiny Shapes is the debut album of ex-Talkies frontman, Ray Seraphin. Recording under the almost-alias R.E. Seraphin for the first time, Seraphin’s Tiny Shapes is paisley pop meets guitar-centric post-punk.

R.E. Seraphin’s lyrical point-of-view is both cynical and sentimental — falling somewhere between The Replacements and The Feelies circa The Good Earth. Musically, jangly yet sturdy instrumentation collide with hushed vocals. This approach is best heard in opening cut “Today Will Be Kind”: a tune that offers a hopeful view of love gone sour.

Engineered and co-produced by Jasper Leach (Tony Molina) and mastered by Matt Bullimore (The Mantles), Tiny Shapes was written following a move from Austin to the Bay Area. While reacclimating to life back in his hometown, Seraphin enlisted original Talkies rhythm section, Owen Kelley (Sleepy Sun) and Phil Lantz (Neutrals, Cocktails) to help develop his songs.


“Seraphin’s music is often under the glow of a bright jangle, these tones more so color in the spaces rather than take center stage, accentuating the crunch and fuzz like light dancing on frosted glass” - Counterzine

“Seraphin’s approach is charged enough to keep [his songs] stuck in your head all day, but melancholy enough to leave a sigh in your lungs by the third rotation through your brain. As he eases into the rest of the album, Seraphin balances vaseline-lensed pining with a power pop pounce” - Raven Sings the Blues

“Shimmering guitar jangle and sunny ’70s hooks are contrasted by SERAPHIN’s subdued, melancholic vocals, which share the “can’t be bothered” drawl of JESUS AND MARY CHAIN” - Maximum RocknRoll


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